Process for porting phone # to FIOS?

Can someone point me to instructions on how to port my # from Comcast/Xfinity to FIOS? 

We had FIOS for years until five weeks ago, switched to Xfinity and ported the home # I've had for 10 years, then switched back to FIOS yesterday.  During the ordering process with FIOS we were clear that we wanted to port in our #.  During the last contact with FIOS before installation they told my husband to wait a week after switching to call to port the #, and the installer yesterday issued us a new # (which he said would be temporary).  FIOS service was closed by the time the installation was done yesterday, and is closed today.  What is the process for porting the #?  Is there a place online we can do this when FIOS is closed?  How long before Xfinity releases the #?  If I lose this # that is connected to basically every other account I have, I will be furious.

Re: Process for porting phone # to FIOS?
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In March I switched my phone from Vonage to VZ digital voice.  I did this so I was able to get a better bundled price.

 I informed the VZ CS that my intent is to move my phone from Vonage to VZ.  They told me that it will take 5 days for this to occur and a truck roll would need to be scheduled.  On the day of the appointment my number continued to work with vonage.  The VZ tech arrived, wired up the home phone line to the ONT and the phone line was dead.  She went to the truck and whatever magic occurred she returned 5 minutes later and told me to see if I had dial tone.   Upon picking up the phone there was dial tone.  I called my cell and it displayed the caller ID of my phone.  I then called my home phone and it worked too.  

Since you already have dial tone I'm sure no truck roll will be necessary.  I do understand there is a 5 day porting process but once you call TS and tell them your intent it should be pretty straight forward.  When I plaecd my original order it was documented on that order.  Not sure if this helps but hope it does.