Question about FIOS landline phone - Help!

Hi I hope someone can help me,

I had the FIOS phone service installed about a month ago, and I have had nothing but problems. I had no problems with the phone prior to the change over except for line noise. Every time it rained there was this crackling sound.

I have An AT&T SL82558 Dect 6.0 cordless telephone, answering system with caller ID / call waiting. The voice transmits across multiple channels so I can not pick a channel to use or improve the phone sound. However, there are some real problems in hearing people sometimes, they sound so far away. I also get feed back as I talk into the receiver. This does not happen all the time, but, more often then not. People i am talking to hear some kind of background noise. FIOS is supposed to be clear.

Verizon has been out to check the box. In talking to people in customer service, they are telling me that it is my phone.

I was reading one of the blobs that stated there should not be any problems with the newer phones, especially if purchased from a warehouse club. My phone is about 2 years old and I got it at Sam's Club.

So what's wrong?   Help!

Re: Question about FIOS landline phone - Help!
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Hi cdally, I sent you a message regarding your post.  I look forward to working with you soon.