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Thanks in advance for answering my question if you are able!

We made some calls to a foreign country, and some were flagged as "call terminated to premium services". Those we were charged 10 cents a minute, the rest to the same area were free (different phone numbers) as part of our World Plan.

What does "call terminated to premium services" mean, and is there a way to avoid that charge to those tel. numbers?

Thanks again!

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You can find the following explanation from

Premium Termination Surcharge International Calling Disclaimer Many foreign telecommunications companies impose substantial fees on Verizon Long Distance to complete international calls for services they designate as premium. Premium services can include:

  • International calls that terminate to wireless phones, pagers, personal computers and personal digital assistants (PDAs)

  • International calls that require satellite technology

  • International calls to chat lines or other information services such as 900-type numbers

International calls that terminate to premium services in countries that impose premium fees will have a rate that is higher than the current rates for international calls that terminate to non-premium services. If you have questions, please contact Verizon.

Services provided by Verizon Long Distance, where authorized.