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I just had Verizon come out to install Internet and phone services at my house just yesterday. We had some issues with our phone jacks so I called to have a technician come out and take a look. The service rep i spoke with earlier on in the day told me that a "foreman" would be calling me to schedule an appointment. I missed this persons call during the day and so I called back about 30 minutes ago (930 pm). When i got someone on the line i told the rep what the other one had told me earlier on in the day. As soon as i mentioned that a foreman was supposed to call me (no clue what a verizon foreman is by the way) the rep asks me "why do you need to speak to a foreman, you can't just speak to a regular guy like me?" I said that I had no idea why I needed to speak to a foreman I was told one would be calling me. So I schedule an appointment through this rep and right before we are done he angrily says "Next time you call dont ask for a foreman, we can do the exact same things they can" and I said I didn't ask for a foreman I was just telling you what I was told. He hung up.

Can anyone explain why this rep became so hostile when i mentioned a foreman to him? It was a rather awkward conversation and he was extremely rude throughout the whole process. Also is there a specific center i can call for complaints? I have the reps name but I'm not sure it makes a difference. I'd appreciate any info. Thanks
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That is extremely peculiar. Foremen are field supervisors who supervisor the field techs out around the neighborhoods. When you call into tech support you an online tech support agent. They are not supervised by foremen, they have regular office supervisors. This is extremely odd to me too because its not like you were asking to speak to his direct supervisor, you were trying to speak with the field supervisor so there's no reason for the agent to get mad. I do apologize for the treatment you received because in any situation the online rep should not have gotten angry or hostile like that.

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I, too, am having issues with the install of my new verizon services (landline & dsl bundle).