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I have also been through the process several times of trying to complain.  I submitted several complaints via the Verizon website using the "other" selection (if I remember correctly).  I was complaining that after 4 months Verizon still did not fix the unreliability of their DSL service which went down several times each day and that I would be stopping my service if it was not fixed.  What I got back was an empty apology with nothing said associated with the constant service problem.  It appeared that the person did not read my submission and her reply seemed to be canned.  I replied that email message and received another reply from a different person with bascially the message -- sorry and thank you for choosing Verizon.  In fact, I was even asked what other services she could help me with.  So these people responding apparently do not have any power or any avenues to do anything except apologize.  I finally dropped my DSL service.  When I dropped the service I got another apology but no offer to try to fix the problem.

I'm here now trying to complain about my phone outage, now standing at three weeks.  A tech was to be here this morning, but his service window has now passed.  Now what do I do  Does this mean the Tech is not coming out today?  If not, then when?  Now how long do I wait?

Why not have the technician call the customer to let them know if they will be late?  Yes the excuse is that they don't have that information -- but they can call to the Verizon repair service and have them call the customer.

Oh, I forgot, I only pay my bill fully and on time.  So what should I expect to receive?

I was informed by a Verizon employee that Verizon's goal is to have everything go wireless.  So if Verizon has that narrow a focus, then copper and FIOS are not high on their support list.

Re: Ability to complain directly
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We sent you a message on our private support board to assist you and we did not receive a response.  Please repost the issue if you are still experiencing a problem so that we may assist you. 

Tonya D.