Re: FIOS Voicemail
I am encountering problems playing voicemail on the web. I am running linux mint 11 Katya x64 using the FireFox and SeaMonkey x64 browsers. I have the current java installed, but it is normally disabled due to possible security issues. I can enable it, reload the voicemail page and click on a voicemail, but although the java player appears and acts as if it is playing there is no sound. I would like to suggest that Verizon consider taking a different approach for this. HTML5 offers direct support for audio and is supported in most browsers at this point in time. You can see an example of this here: The example included on this page works fine in my browsers. As the page documents all major browsers support this, although you would need to include at least two formats to cover all browsers given that IE only supports MP3 while everyone else supports WAV or Ogg for playback. Dave
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