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I'm very sorry to ask this here but I find no way to start a subject...I just joined.   I see admin is posting this so I will ask you ....I have been calling a friends home phone for 3 days now and even at 4am it is busy!!  All day, all night always busy .... I havent found a way to even post to support to maybe look at his line and see if its ok....please private mesg me if you would and ill give his info to you......or if you can tell me how to go about reporting his line....plz beginning to worry.

Thanks and once again , sorry for posting it here!

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Hello Candi9Panties,

I am sorry but for security purposes we are not able to provide you information pertaining to someone else's line or account status even privately.  We will need the owner of the account to call or message in for assistance if they are having any difficulty with services if they choose to do so.

There are a few reasons the phone would be busy and the primary is a phone just off hook by mistake or intentionally.  There could also be an issue with a bad phone, inside home wiring, or the line servicing the home.

Thank you