Recently moved to Alaska

I moved last year from Maryland to Alaska. I reset the phone (HTC Rhyme), and now it has to be reactivated in the Lower 48 again. I say "again" because I joined my friend in Maryland's Verizon plan shortly after arriving in Alaska & after being instructed by Verizon help had to send the phone down to the Lower 48 with to have it activated there.

(I did not know it would need to be reactivated when I clicked reset. I clicked reset because, after plugging in & unplugging headphones for the first time, the sound from the speakers did not work. I tried to google the problem and answer but none of the solutions worked. I saw the suggestion to reset the phone for problems that could not be resolved.)

Effective now, I am without phone service.

Any suggestions on how to proceed?

A short term fix would be to mail the phone to the Lower 48 to have it reactivated, but I would like support up here as I will be staying in Alaska for a few more years and would like phone support up here. I am thinking it may be easiest to leave Verizon for a service that is located in Alaska, but I also heard that Verizon is coming to Alaska in 2013. Is this happening any time soon?

Thank you for your help.

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Khoros Partner

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