Recertification for lifeline????
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My bill was alot more than previous month and called to inquire about it. As always it is not Verizon but the state I live in. Seems they, the state, wants everyone receiving govt. asisstance to recertify which I did not to long ago and now have to do it again?. Now the customer rep said the bill went up due to this but we knew nothing about it? If you knew nothing about why did you know the reason my bill went up? It went up by close to 20 dollars and by the bill the difference is 7 dollars so it was explained that this was 1 month plus a partial. and now like the govt., the more your bill the more you are taxed?. I received no message from the state or Verizon about this recertification process. Goes to show the more money they get from customers the better and why should the customers be told about recertification when it benefits Verizon. I then told her that from the beginning I was never told what the charges for Verizon services i.e. your bundle includes certain features for a certain price AND the boxes to receive verizon came with service. WRONG!  The bundle beat my previous cable/ISP price but the boxes and taxes took it well above what I was being charged. So, from day1, I was being charged more and their reasoning was you get more channels with us..well you can only watch 1 channel at a time so there goes thats reasoning, but for some reason this was not told to me. I then told her I would be looking elsewhere for services and the reply was OK fine. Seems they don't want to keep customers that pay ontime and in full anymore so business must bo good. I am glad for Verizon and happy you are doing well but soon I will be geting services elsewhere. Have a nice day Verizon!!!!!!!!!!!

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