Recovering old phone number

About a month ago I decided to switch my landline and internet to another carrier.  My old phone number was ported and service disconnected by the new carrier.

The new carrier arrived onsite and decided they had to do a road bore to get from their tap to my house.  They can't seem to get their act together and keep sending out the field tech to turn on the service.  The field techs aren't told in advance whats going on and tells me they need to schedule a road bore.

This left me without phone or internet for almost amonth.  So I'm over it and switched back to Verizon.

The new carrier has control of my old number.  Is it possible to have that number ported back to Verizon and replace the new landline number that I was assigned?

Re: Recovering old phone number
Community Leader
Community Leader

Should be.  But obviously you will have to contact Verizon to be sure.  These forums are peer to peer and not the best way to contact them.