Remove Service Drop and Box

We discontinued service on an old copper landline a number of years ago and would like to have the line that runs from the street and the box on the side of the house that it attaches to removed. The wiring inside the house is mostly gone and what little remains is long since abandoned. How would I go about making this request and who would I need to contact?

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Call the 1-800-VERIZON and try and get a person that can take care of that.

when we bought our home there was a telephone box (grey) on our house. When we had our new siding and windows on I had the contractor remove the whole shebang and he simply cut the wire so it did not hang or cause any issues.

when we had Fios internet installed the guy who came looked at the side of the house and said wow you never had phone service. I just laughed and told him the remnants were removed by us. 

So a contractor can also do what you desire. But be careful as to the wire you are removing.