Repair service ? What repair service

I am really interested to know what your definition of repair service is? I called on 11/13/09 to state the phone line was laying in the road,I spoke to a PERSON NOT A MACHINE. Gave them my cell number's informed me the earliest they could get here would be 11/17/09.I called again on 11/16/09 spoke to another live person,not a machine.was told they would try to get someone here sooner called again today 11/17/09.I was informed they checked it and I have a dial tone and my phone line is fine HAD NO **bleep** PHONE,THE LINE LAID IN THE ROAD.THE BEST PART.THEY CALLED MY VOICE MAIL AND LEFT NOT ONE,NOT TWO,NOT THREE,BUT 4 MESSAGESAt APPROX.12:30 THE REPAIR SHOWED UP AND FIXED THE PHONE IT TOOK ABOUT AND HOUR.I can't believe they aresuch {please keep your posts courteous} leaving messages on a phone that doesn't work.?telling me I spoke to a machine,They REALLY NEED TO CHECK THERE CUSTOMER SERVICE.