Repair tech a no-show, frustration level high

Yes, I have a copper land line connection.  I live in the sticks, so it's a necessity.  This is the second time I have called for a tech to check the wire, as there is a very loud hum on the line, (and no, it cannot carry a tune).  It has gotten so bad that people who call and leave messages on the answering machine are unintelligible over the noise.  Conference calls with folks at work are agonizing, as they cannot be heard clearly, and often ask what that horrible noise is everyone is hearing.  

The first on-site service call ended with the tech saying that it was sounding OK at the box.  I disagreed, as I disconnected the home wiring from the same box and ran a brand-new line which sounded the same - loud hum.

Second tech was scheduled on 22 Sept 2018 from 8 to 12.  They were a no show.  No call, no text, no email saying they weren't coming.  My time is valuable to me, especially a Saturday morning which was wasted on waiting for a repair that never came.

I'm used to being hosed by Verizon, as I pay a large sum of money per month for an LTL "wireless" system that barely gets me dial-up speeds.  Multiple calls to see what's up end with the tech on the other end agreeing with my plight and telling me they are going to route it to the "right people", but I never hear back, and the same abysmal speeds plague me.  How about a phone call, Verizon?  How about a simple text or email letting me know that you can’t make the appointment, or that I live in the backwoods and my service will always suffer due to my location?  Basic human decency is all I ask for.  I’m sure the heads of Verizon wouldn’t tolerate a service tech being a no-show for a morning appointment on a Saturday to fix their phone line.

This is more of a rant, as I am at the mercy of Verizon as no other service providers are in my area.  (Although AT&T is closing in fast).  But mark these words, powers that be.  The first company to bring fiber, cable, or reliable LTL service to my neighborhood with start getting my cash, contract be damned.  And I will also make sure my neighbors follow suit, as they all are in the same Verizon-hating boat as myself.  Just because there aren’t enough of us to make burying fiber in the neighborhood “financially viable” for you, doesn’t mean we can’t take our business elsewhere and make sure no one hears good things about your company as we move on to someone who actually cares a bit for the little guy. 

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Hi opus5150,

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