Repair tech for Lynchburg Virginia

I just have a minor suggestion for Verizon----Hire some service Techs for the Lynchburg, Virginia area.

A thunder storm seems to have fried my landline last week on the 21st of March 2012 around 11pm. I reported it the next day to be told they would be here Monday the 26th between 8am and 4pm. No one showed or called. I called back that evening at 8:30pm and was told they had a service request for me on Tuesday the 27th (today) between 8am and 4pm. Well, it is now 6:38pm and no one has shown up or called again.

Since there is no other landline phone company for me to turn to it looks like I am forced to wait untill SOMEONE decides they want to come to my house nnd fix my line.

I find your service is at the lowest ever and feel that maybe you need more trained techs a.p this area. Please try hiring some ---maybe some veterans could styou work for your company and actually get the job done.

If only my area had good cell reception I would just do away with ehe land line altogether. Maybe I will have better luck finding a crll provider willing to put a tower in my back yard.

Thanks for all the help Verizon.

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