Repeared Calls claiming to be Verizon

More than a week ago I made one small change to my account.  Starting last week I got automated messages from {edited for privacy} saying changes were made and if I made them then to do nothing.  After the 6th time I got this call, I called Verizon to beg them to stop calling.  I was told it would take 24 hours.  Again this week the calls have started so I called Verizon again and was told my home phone number was no longer in the system so they are not sure why I am getting the calls.  And yet, the calls keep coming. Is this a scam?  How do I make this stop?

Re: Repeared Calls claiming to be Verizon
Customer Service Rep

Hi badma,

We apologize for this system glitch.  Those repeated calls can definitely be annoying.

If you wouldn't mind sending us a private message with this post and your home phone number, our team can help get those automated calls stopped for you