Residential service experiencing outages
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After a few years with no problems, residential phone services on our road and in the immediate area are experiencing periodic outages with landlines.  The Verizon tech that came on road this Friday was new to working in this rural area so he was not aware of the repeated problems or why Verizon trucks had been working on the next road earlier in the week.  He thought perhaps it was a power issue which is what caused one of the previous outages last month.   Now we have lost dial tone again - discovered tonight.  Another neighbor I checked with also has no dial - same as the last outage.  Called Verizon since the online contact method to open a ticket no longer works.  Automated process finally said it would open a ticket but next available appointment is Friday - five days from now.   Since the outage is caused by Verizon, hopefully techs will be out  sooner.

Re: Residential service experiencing outages

Sorry you are in the same suituation we are. For what we pay the service should be much better. I am sure your bill will be credited for loss of service and inconvience (ya and h*** just frooze over. Once again sorry and good luck.