Restore primary no that was mistakenly cancelled and replaced with a new, different number

I have a simple problem that is two weeks old and still has not been solved. Two weeks ago I called and placed an order for a distinctive ring line to be added. Instead they cancelled my phone number and replaced it with a new number. I have had the old number for almost ten years and need to get it back. Verizon has just been unable to execute to resolve this.I have spoken with about 20 different Verizon people; it has been escalated; I have even gotten the Virginia SCC involved (like the Public Service Commission). Still not fixed. In fact, for the first time today, a Verizon person called me to whom this had been escalated  who stated that they now know how to resolve the problem. Apparently all the other people and departments to whom I had been directed or escalated were the incorrect people. However, the solution requires a new order which cant be placed until an old order is cleared out of "the system".   They are not sure but they think that might take "a day or two"

Does anyone know how to reach their CEO or their VP of Customer Service, Ms. Diefenderfer?

Verizon, if you monitor this it is ticket {edited for privacy}. Please help me. Please.

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Verizon support is in receipt of this issue. We will send you a PM to gather additional information.


Tonya D.