Rewiring my landline phone


I am a ham radio operator, and my station's normal emissions on the 40m (7Mhz) band cause RFI in my landline phone.

I plan to rewire the inside phone line using shielded Cat6 cable. The tightly twisted pair can help to eliminate common mode signals induced by my nearby antenna.

Can I run my new cable directly to the ONT located on the outside of my house, where I would connect the shield (drain) wire in my cable to the system ground (which is bonded to the electric service ground) in the ONT, or would I need a Verizon service person to open the ONT cover and make this connection for me?

If a service person needs to do the work, what is the charge (if any)?

Although the new shielded/twisted pair cable will be most effective if it is run from the ONT, I do not wish to incur significant charges for Verizon service personnel to perform this task, and would run my cable from the first terminal block located inside my home instead.

Thank you

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