Ridiculous bill charges
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The whole month of April I was having problems with our phone lines, some of our phone were not working. Didn't really pay much attention to it until ADT called.

Our ADT system was having a problem communicating with our house since our phone lines were not functioning. Thats another issue. ADT advise that we contact our phone provider to see what the problem was. When I called verizon, spoke with a representative, after our long conversation we had to get a technician to come over my house because customer service cannot seem to help me through the phone ( I WAS NOT NOTIFIED about any fees or charges). When the technician arrived on 4/27, he stayed here for LESS THAN 15 mins. All he did was switch two wires. That is it.

I received my monthly bill and there was an additional $91.00 charge for "first half hour labor". I immediately called verizon fios billing dept, spoke with a representative and I asked her about the charge and she was nice and explained it to me. After 22 mins trying to ask if her supervisor can do anything about the fee, they couldn't seem to help me with my problem.

All I am asking is why did I get charge $91.00 for something that i was not notified about, charge me for a "set" fee that he did not even stay, and to do something that simple?? $91.00 is a lot of money to charge customers.

I have not been a Verizon Fios customer that long, but this is something too ridiculous to pay!! when I had comcast for 4 years every time i had a problem that cannot be handled over the phone, they send a technician for no charge.

This is seriously making me rethink about my switch to Verizon.
Re: Ridiculous bill charges
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Because the wiring inside your house is your responsibility.  Verizon's responsibilty goes as far as the supplier's side of the NID for a landline or the ONT for digital voice.  As they charged you they are saying they made a service call to repair something on your side of the interface device.  As you can see they apparently charge about $180 an hour which is why it's wise to test the homeowner's side of the inetrface device before calling Verizon.

The test is to disconnect your home wiring and instead plug a phone directly into the ont or nid rj11 jack and see if you get dial tone and it works.  If it doesn't then it's their issue else yours to either investigate or pay them to investigate.