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I, like many others I'm sure, are being plagued with robo-callers, and the government "Do-Not-Call-List" seems to be completely ineffective. While out of the country, I have my Fios digital line forwarding to Skype, but then if I'm not active on Skype, it goes to my mobile phone here in the Caribbean. This is fine for important calls, but annoying and expensive for junk calls! The call-blocking feature in Verizon digital voice is a bit convoluted to use, but seems to work well, my only problem is it only allows 10 numbers to be blocked! I would gladly pay extra to be able to block say 100 numbers. How about it guys? The logic must be in-place, just means increasing the size of an array, and incorporating the extra charge. Can't be too difficult. Axabum, the Caribbean Mon!
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