Robo-calls; masked calls - Verizon needs to do better!
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The robo-calls, and masked (local) phone calls we get on a daily basis on our landline should be considered unacceptable service from Verizon. These calls should be considered "interference", and not meet any type of minimum service-level agreement. These calls are more than a nuisance - they interfere with our quality of life, and waste our time. Verizon should give us all or part of our money back for landline. Verizon (and other providers) should take a stance, provide unlimited call-blocking service at no charge - better yet - spend some money and go after the instigators and generators of these calls - don't wait for others - it's your service Verizon!  We've been at the 100 block-call limit Verizon provides for some time - and the calls keep coming. I've called Verizon and the only thing Verizon recommends is for the customer pay for a 3rd party blocking service/device- I wonder if Verizon has stock in that company? All Verizon customers should bring this to the attention of Verizon - not let them of the hook for poor service - and profiting from it.

Re: Robo-calls; masked calls - Verizon needs to do better!

It’s not just them.

yes they are the phone company. The original phone company. But even with blocking services the **bleep** calls get spoofed and get through.

the only thing left to do is stop using telephone services. 

We have come  a long way backwards.