Robobcallers Defeat "Incoming Call Blocking" - Reported To Verizon
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Over the last two weeks "robocaller"/telemarketers/scammers have apparently found a way to "defeat" the "Incoming Call Blocking" service feature on Verizon FiOS Digital Voice phone service.

Like everyone else we get tons of these "robocaller" scammers.  I use the "Incoming Call Blocking" service feature in Digital Voice to ostensibly BLOCK such numbers from calling our home.  Unfortunately the service is extremely limited to a total of only 10 such numbers.  There are many more such robocaller/scammer numbers working at any given time.

The means of "defeating" the service is quite simple:  The robocaller auto-dials your phone number at least 3 times in rapid succession, and it bypasses the "blocked caller number" list and rings through to the phone.  I've had two such robocaller numbers - which were on my active blocked caller list - do this in the last week or so.

I reported this problem to Verizon FiOS Support this afternoon in a live "chat" session.  The only thing the rep could do at the time was a remote reload of updated software and a reboot of our Verizon FiOS "ONT" box (the white control box on the inside wall of the house).  I doubt if that is actually going to fix anything, but I went along with it, as the rep was trying to be helpful.  I asked and urged the rep to insure that my report of the details of what was happening - that robocallers were defeating the Verizon digital voice "Call Blocking" feature by simply calling the same number three times in rapid succession - was passed along to their technical support people so that they can program in a "fix."  It will obviously require some additional "coding" to do so.

I also urged that Verizon expand their "Incoming Call Blocking" service to a much greater number than 10; my suggestions was "unlimited,"

I note that posters on the forum were told well over two years ago that Verizon technicians were working on expanding that list to make it capable of handling an unlimited number of callers to be blocked.  There has been no update of that assurance since then.

We'll see what Verizon can/will do.

I urge any/all of you who have experienced similar issues with your Verizon FiOS Digital Voice "Incoming Call Blocking" service to also REPORT IT TO VERIZON and POST your comments and concerns on the forums.

Perhaps if enough of us try to be helpful and bring the issue to their attention it will be addressed and fixed.  Please keep in mind:  Verizon is NOT the problem; the scammers/robocallers are the bad guys here!

Re: Robobcallers Defeat "Incoming Call Blocking" - Reported To Verizon

Problem still not solved. I initiated Call Blocking on a number yesterday (American Power and Gas at 315-571-0756) and was called by them again this morning. Their company name does not appear in the Caller ID, but there are numerous complaints against them with the Better Business Bureau for deceptive sales practices.

Each complaint receives an apology by the company and a promise to remove the complainant from their "internal" do not call list. This would appear to be an admission that they regularly violate the Do Not Call registry restrictions. Each violation carries a possible fine of up to $16,000. If all Verizon customers on the Do Not Call registry were to make a complaint to the Do Not Call registry about this firm each time they call, they might be convinced to cease and desist.