Scam messages purpurted to be from Verizon

I received a phone call from 732-430-5603 claiming to be from Verizon, and telling me that my phone line was going to be disconnected for not paying my bill in time.  Since I know I am up to date on my Verizon payments, I asked the caller to identify herself and the number that I can reach her to discuss it further.  She just hung up on me.  When I called the above number it was answered by someone claiming to be the Verizon call center and asked me to provide her my account number.  Before I could go any further, she hung up.  Subsequent calls to the above number ended up to an automatic response indicating that the mailbox was not set up to record any messages.

I have a strong suspicion that it is a scam.  Could somebody from Verizon please investigate?

Has anyone else received such calls?