Scam to change voice plan?
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Received two calls now from a gentleman claiming to be working out of a VZB Corp facility in Chicago.  He said his records showed that I didn't use Long Distance very often, to which I agreed, and said that VZB was reaching out to customers letting them know of a complimentary offer to update my plan to save a couple hundred a year.  

I asked him what the cost delta between my new plan and old would be and he stated that he didn't have access to those records, he was just a "hotdog in a hotdog factory", he was going of a list generated to save customers who didnt use long distance some money.

He stated the plan would not change, everything would still be bundled, I'd still have VZB, and that I'd only notice a reduction in the cost of my monthly statement.  All I had to do was say was confirm my name and phone number to an automated confirmation message and the change would be made.  

Told him it sounded really suspicious and that Id call VZB to see if they really were offering such a deal.  (Sadly, other than this forum there is no practical way to report something like this to VZB or quickly confirm whether its a scam. Finding a live human at VZB to talk to is nearly impossible).

Anyhow, this guy starting getting really agitated.  Said "what do you want me to do to prove it", "Why wouldn't you want to save a couple hundred bucks a year".  He said, "go ahead and call Verizon if you think you can get this deal".  I said " we'll talk later" and hung up as he continued to rant.

They were very convincing.  I have no doubt that they have manipulated many a persons plan costing Verizon a ton of business.  


I have their number, which when called states the name of the buisness but not very clearly so I'm unable to identify the caller/company.  

Just wondering if others have received similar calls?

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Google the number and I bet you will see it comes back as spam with a lot of complaints.  Mary