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I have a Northern Telecom Power Touch 350 . This phone was one of the first with ADSI technology. I need the Bell Atlantic download  number in order to program the soft keys. Since this phone came on the market prior to Bell Atlantic-Nynex and Bell Atlantic - GTE mergers, I need the number for the old Bell Atlantic since I'm in New Jersey. I believe the number was 1 800 348 -xxxx (Can't seem to recall the last 4 digits). I tried 2355 (spells out BELL) but that does not work. Does anyone know what this is? While the GTE and/or 9x numbers will work on some of the features (i.e. call forwarding variable (*72),  Call return (*69), etc, the soft keys may have different numbers for things like the business office. So since New Jersey Bell was originally assigned to Bell Atlantic at the time of the Bell System Divestiture, this is what I need. I tried to get this info from Aastra (who bought the Nortel patents for this phone) but they do not have any info. So please type here or email me at {edited for privacy}

Re: Screen Phone download number
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We hope one of these numbers work for you 1-877-463-6300, 

1-800-621-9900, 1-800-438-4736 and1-800-719-6200