Seamless move from Vonage to VZ Digital Voice
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Wow That was Easy.

Today I had an appointment to move my phone from Vonage to VZ Digital Voice.  I got a good upgrade package price if I added phone.  I was told the tech would arrive between 9-12.  They got here at 11:30.  The tech came in, verified my phone jack goes into the ONT, which it did when I had VZ POTS line with FIOS.  Then the tech made a call to port my vonage number to VZ and within seconds my phone was up and running.  I reprogrammed my house phone speed dial numbers to use the full 11 digit dialing and since 12:30 when my wife came home she has been using the phone and never even noticed a change.  

I feel like I need to press the easy button.  

Good Job VZ

Re: Seamless move from Vonage to VZ Digital Voice
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Awesome! Glad to hear things went well. Reach out anytime you need assistance.