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Want to add a second line on my floor but presented with fhe following problem:

The ceiling space panel containing the phone lines have four pairs of unconnected black/yellow phone wires

- The red/green pairs are routed through a 'punch panel'

- Looking for a way to a jack to the black/yellow pair that is associated with the red/green pair associated with my phone line currently working.

I am aware that the phone company can do this but I am looking to make this a learning project.  The multimeter and the tone pulse generator have both been suggested.but I would ask if anything could be detected if the dial tone has yet to be established.

What would happen if I connected a black/yellow pair is connected to a jack one at a time until the correct pair is confirmed by contacting the phone company?  Hoping for an informed reply.  I have a seried of imaged posted if needed.

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Not sure if I quite understand your set up but here is what I know.

A single line telephone only uses one pair (Green/Yellow).  It doesn't have to be but generally is what is used for the first line.

If you want to add a second line then you can use the yellow/Black for the second line.

I did have two phone lines in my home at one point and it was very easy to have the second line in my office using the black/green pair.

Remember the color codes are used for purpose of making connections and there is no reason why you couldnt use a different combination of colors.

Does this help?