Selective Call Notification and Incoming Call Block
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I'm a curious person and a technical person and I would like to ask for a technical explanation as to why Selective Call Notification and Incoming Call Block services cannot both be activated at the same time.

I have a telemarketer number which calls me many times per day, seemingly almost every 90 minutes or so between 8 am and 6 pm.  I would like to block calls from that number.  However, I would like to keep the selective call notification on and still have the service email me when I receive calls from specific numbers.  

Could someone tell me why Verizon doesn't allow both to be enabled, and if it is a known technical problem, is anything being worked on to change/fix it so that both selective call notification and incoming call block can be turned on at the same time (obviously for entirely different numbers in the lists)

Thank you!

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