Sending a fax with the Digital Voice

How do I send a fax to my home number if I have digital voice? 

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Sending faxes to your home should be the same as any other phone line. Just remember that if you are using a Distinctive Ring number. The fax machine must be set to look for a double ring. Also you can adjust you Distinctive Ring type from the verizon Fios voice linke If you do not have a Distinctive Ring number then just make sure the fax machine is connected like normal and accepting all calls. If you have more question. Let me know.


In most cases - you don't need to do anything special or out of the ordinary, BUT if you have FiOS Digital Voice (there are different flavors of voice) and having trouble sending or receiving faxes from that number,  then you will want to make these changes:

• Slow down the transmission speed. Set the BAUD rate of the fax machine to 9600 bps or even lower (7200 bps would be the next lower setting).
• Turn off or disable ECM (error correction mode),a setting, usually defaulted on, that many fax machines have.
Test faxing by using the HP Test Fax Service:
• You can use the following number to test your fax and get a response fax sent right back to you. Send a one page blank fax to 1-888-473-2963 (1-888-hpfaxme). After receipt of your fax, the test fax will generate a return back to you with acknowledgement that your fax was received. You should receive this fax within 5 minutes.

Outside of those two settings, you're going to want to work with your manufacturer, but those are settings they should be pointing out to you as well. 

These settings can sometimes work with FiOS

  1. Settings to fax over VoIP for Canon fax machines.
  2. Try these settings to for VoIP for Panasonic fax machines.
  3. When faxing over VoIP with a Brother Fax machine make these settings changes.
Also - some people solved their faxing woes by buying a fax machine that explicitly states it works with Digital Phone service.