Sept. 10 - No Phone Service still reported Aug 30 Medical Emergency

My parents are in their 90's and Mom is blind.

We reported their outage on 8/30.  It was marked a Medical Emergency and were promised that the repair would be highest priority  - what a joke!!!!   We were told and texted that the repair would happen - on the 7th, on the 8th, on the 9th.  No repair took place.  Now on the 10th are told a cable is out.  Verizon has terrible customer service!!!!!  I have been on hold over 20 minutes every time I've called- up to 50 minutes before a person answered.  Unfortunately, the person has never been able to solve the problem of no service.  Sometimes I hold and then get the response of "no answer, your call is being disconnected", sometimes I get the response of "from now on you'll be able to speak your answers" and then a dial tone.  Right now I'm waiting for a supervisor to call me back - was told within an hour - we'll see.   Last time they never called me back.  They keep texting me early in the day that their repair will be done that day by late in the day and then nothing.    Very sad that Verizon has left them for almost 2 weeks without service.  Also, what a waste of my time since I spend at least 45 minutes a day trying to get an update.

 Mom did report that they got their bill from Verizon last week right on schedule!!!!!

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We do apologize for the trouble you've experienced.  I've sent you a PM to see if we can be of any assistance.