Service and charges was not expected

When we ordered our home phone service..... We ordered the very basic...that means no caller id, Long distance (international) or forwarding etc. I always ask what the TOTAL (Minus the taxes and/or any phone call charges) will be on my first bill for budget reasons since we just moved into our new place. I was told $46 dollors. Not bad...So I asked again...confirming $46 dollors.? I was told yes. and the place had a pre-existing phone line from Verizon so no installation charges would be made.

A few weeks later the bill comes in...ok so I see the $23 for the initial order and the line connection also $23, so thats a total of $46 dollors so adding in the tax of $23.00 thats a grand total of $6910 which I had assumed it would be.....BUT wait! whats this

Residence line $20.91

Zone unit charge $2.91

Direct dialed calls $2.95

Residence line added $11.15

Premise visit $42.10

What the hell are these????

Why am I being charged for local calls in the same area code????

Premise visit??? no one ever came to see us and install anything??? $42 bucks???

I was only given two connect the **bleep** line and for the initial order! this is crap that I am charged these amounts and no one told me ahead of time!

Once we had serv ice.....we were getting 4 or 5 calls a day from people we dont even know all calling for different the line was was very crackly although we could have reported that......But these extra charges and not being told is what brought my decision to cancel service immediatly.

What a shame!

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Hi. I'm sorry for the trouble. Have you already cancelled your service? If not, I'd be happy to help. ShawnG