Setting or Adjusting the Minimum Allowed Voicemail Message Length / Duration

Voicemail systems automatically record audio from every incoming call that has rolled-over to the system.  Then, if the call was a hang-up, the system deletes the recording in-progress instead of delivering it or leaving it in the voicemail box.  I want to INCREASE the number of seconds of dead air in a message so that the Verizon Voicemail system will delete more hang-up messages automatically.

The underlying problem is that I have a telephone number that used to be associated with a major retailer.  In fact, there are still listings on the Internet (THANKS, AT&T, Yahoo!, Yellow Pages, et. al.) for the telephone number under their name.  So you can imagine that I get A LOT of calls.  When I let them roll-over to voicemail, the callers eventually hear my greeting message and figure out that they need to go away.  But the Verizon Voicemail system has, at that point, recorded a message for me, raised the notification light.  Even without the notification, I have to go into the voicemail box and delete the no-message messages.  Three years on, now, .. the calls are not slowing down.

I ahve been unable to find such a parameter on the account management pages available through the Internet.  And I've called Customer Support, who ... always refers me back to the Internet.

Any ideas?

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There isn't a current setting for that, but it's a great idea! This would be a perfect candidate for the Verizon Idea Exchange. Please search on the idea exchange and cast your vote. There may be another member who made the same suggestion. If not, please add a new idea so your fellow community members can comment and vote on your suggestion. . The Verizon Idea Exchange is there for you to submit your ideas and suggestions to Verizon so that we can consider them as we innovate our products and services.