Setting up Fios for rental property

I'm trying to set up fios phone and internet in a property that I'm renting starting in June. The landlord stipulates that we must have the landline set up and ready to turn on before we are given the keys to the house. As I was finishing up with setting up the account it seems that someone has to be present in the house in order to get the phone set up, which will be a little difficult to do before getting the keys. Does anyone have any ideas about how to handle this? I'm reaching the end of my rope, and have so far not had any luck contacting Verizon since I don't yet have an account number.


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Hello Jofob,

Unfortunately there is no way around getting service installed without providing access for the technician to install and test the equipment.  If your landlord will not provide you with a key perhaps you can request him to be present and allow access for the installation that he requires.

Based on your statement "...stipulates that we must have the landline set up and ready to turn on..."  if you have an order already placed with a installation date that meets the landlords criteria of set up and ready to turn on.