Since FIOS, phone shows wrong time
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Since we got our FIOS at the end of March, our cordless phones (we have a base station with three handsets) have all been showing the wrong time (which means our messages on the answering machine with the phone have the wrong time). I set the time at the base station to the correct time and the minute we get a phone call, they all reset to the wrong time again. It's off by a half hour, so it's not like the wrong time zone (which, BTW, I attempted to check under the Adminstration tab in My Services... I switched it from eastern to central to see if it was working, and now it won't let me switch back so all my voice mails have the wrong time... but it had no effect on what time the phones show).

Anyone have any idea why the phone keeps resetting to the wrong time? When we were on DSL we never had this issue. (Even when we lost power, the phones would all reset to the correct time when we got a call.)


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