Slammed on 10/8/2012 still not resolved on 1/30/2013

Three and 1/2 months sInce Verizon gave my line to TWC, it took me 45 days to prove that it was in error.  TWC requested to port my number by mistake and they cancelled the request to port my number within 48 hours of original request.  So Verizon has my old number, they admit they have it but I still don't have it back.  They told me they were working on it and I would have to take another number to keep my internet alive while they were working the issue.  In the last 45 days Verizon has completely messed up my account . Wrong address for bill, no bundle for service, two accounts not one and the special number they gave me to reach a "breathing human" now just reports a full mailbox every day. 

So here I am wondering if anyone in this community knows how I can get resolutions.  I just want my phone number back that has been in my family since the 1960's.  Just a breathing human to tell me they are working the issue would be nice.  I haven't had a call back since middle of December.  

I really want to be a customer, but I want my original number back.  Why is this so painful?  If anyone has suggestions I would love to hear from you.

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