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I have never in my life dealt with a company that had worse customer service than that of Verizon. About a year ago, I had seen an advertisement for Home phone, internet, and cable service (TV through DIRECTV) bundle that was quite a bit less than my local cable company. I called and placed an order. I was told that they would send me all the equipment and I would have a technician arrive at my house to install my services. I only received half the equipment, and then the wrong equipment, and ultimately it  took almost three weeks to get the phone and internet installed. DIRECTV came out to do their part of the instillation and immediately after his arrival, I was notified that Verizon placed the order incorrectly and they did not have an order for the HD dish that I requested. Instead, they had a HD receiver. I called Verizon to have the order fixed and was notified there would be a substantial deposit to receive the HD dish (that I had already ordered.) After FIVE hours of going back and forth with their customer service department DIRECTV had me cancel the entire order and redo it on their end. I was told I could re-bundle the services once everything was installed. It took over three months of calling Verizon to get my bill straightened out, but I finally had my phone, internet and cable bill for the price that was quoted to me. I was offered little compensation for all of my aggravation, but I was just happy that I was able to lower my household bills , and I let it go.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago... My husband and I decided to relocate about twenty minutes away from where we used to live. I called Verizon and DIRECTV to get my services transferred a few days before we were scheduled to move. DIRECTV was at my house the day we moved in and hooked our TV up with no problems. 

When I initially called Verizon to move my service, the gentlemen I spoke with was extremely rude. He could not find my new address in the system and I was told “I know you THINK you are right, but that isn’t your address.” After getting extremely frustrated, I hung up and decided to call back the next day. I spoke with someone who wasn’t as rude, but not very helpful. 

I tried to explain that the house I moved into was in a private community and this could be the reason that they were unable to find my address. Our physical address and the mailing address are two different numbers. I gave them both addresses and was told that the engineering department would have to be the one to “build-in” the address into the system and they were already closed for the day, and someone would call me tomorrow. Two days later, when no one called, I called back and was told it can take up to 72 hours to have the address built in and to be patient. It was a Friday, so I was told to call back on Tuesday, which I did.  When I called back, I was told that they did not see the order in the system, but they would try to get it fixed. I called back almost once per day over the next almost three weeks (wasting all of my cell phone minutes since I don’t have a house phone, due to the extreme incompetence of their customer service and billing departments and a complete waste of my time) and each person told me something different. 

I was told to check with my homeowners association to see if there was any other address on file, which I did, and the homeowners association told me there was no other address that it could be. I was also told that they were able to find my community on their map, but not my house number. I asked if someone could be scheduled to come out to the house so we could get it fixed. I was told that they would, and that someone would call me back the next day. Again, after not getting a call back for two days, I called again, and was told there was no order in for a technician to come out. I have spent the last three weeks and HUNDREDS of my cell phone minutes calling back and forth to get this straightened out. As of today..I still have NO PHONE and NO INTERNET at my house. I even asked to speak with a manager at Verizon. I was never put through to one because they told me there was nothing they could do; engineering would have to be the ones to fix the issue. I have still not received ONE call back from anyone. 

The only type of compensation I have been offered is to adjust my bill for the time frame I have had no service. This doesn’t fix the fundamental problem, that I HAVE NO PHONE AND NO INTERNET. I am also paying for Netflix and Xbox live memberships that we cannot use because we have no internet and I continue to waste my cell phone minutes trying to straighten this out, plus trying to keep in touch with family and friends.. 

I am ready to completely cancel everything and go back to my local cable company. I would rather not do that, because of the price difference, however, the aggravation level would be much lower. When I told this to Verizon, they did not even care that they would be losing a customer. I understand that I am just one person, but I have worked in the customer service industry for fourteen years and this is NOT how customer service should be.

I WILL report Verizon to the Better Business Bureau. I am tired of being treated like I don't matter.

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It was our pleasure to help address your service issues and get the credit on your account. Please post back anytime you need assistance with your service.