Spammers Using Cell Phone Number
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I'm sitting at home watching TV when an incoming call notification appears on the screen. Nothing unusual about that EXCEPT that it was MY name and MY cell number. PLEASE! Someone tell me how THAT could possibly happen. My cell phone is just sitting on my desk with no one other than me near it and it calls my home land line.

Have spammers now found a way to high jack my phone to make outgoing calls?

Verizon, I want answers.
Re: Spammers Using Cell Phone Number
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FYI, you're talking to other customes here.  Verizon won't provide answers through this forum.

Unfortunately, Verizon can't do anything about this problem.  People with the right equipment can put any phone number into the system as their CallerID.  There is no verification in the phone system.   Names are generated by looking up the phone number in a database, so all the spoofer has to do is put your number in and your name will pop up.

All phone carriers will have this issue.

The solution requires a fundamental redesign of a decades old phone system.  Which is not going to happen anytime soon.

Good uck.

Re: Spammers Using Cell Phone Number
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forget it, no worry.

Re: Spammers Using Cell Phone Number
I have an android smart phone and internet. If I know what to look for I can search, find, download and install (FOR FREE) a program/app that lets me do exactly that.

In general dint worry about it unless they are doing it a lot and it becomes harassing