Static on FIOS lines when adding more phones.

I have had FIOS for 3 months.  In general I am extremely happy, but I have a problem that is more a nuisance than a desperate issue and I am hoping to find out if others have the same problem, if there is a solution, or if others are simply accepting the problem.

The Problem:

If I connect more than one phone to my FIOS phone input I get static on my line.  I have 2 seperate phone numbers coming from the L1 and L2  output jacks and the problem is the same for both lines.  If I plug a single phone into the output I have a clean signal.  The moment I add a second device to either line I get a noticable hum and static.  The noise is not enough to make the line unusable, but enough to be an annoyance.

When the installation technician originally installed FIOS, we discovered the issue, but since he was able to plug a single phone into the L1 port and get no noise he declared the problem an "internal wiring issue" and offered to further trouble shoot the issue for a fee.

Here's the rub:

1) We have lived in this house for 13 years and previously used CableVision VOIP and prior to that ATT for our phone service and NEVER had static on the line.  In fact the morning of the FIOS install our phone lines were static free.

2) I have retained a paid land line input from ATT because I am deciding whether or not to take this issue to the NYS Public Service Commission.  If I disconnect the FIOS input and reconnect the ATT input I can add as many jacks as I want with absolutely zero static on any line in my house.

I am a M.S.E.E. so I am fairly competent in my knowledge of all things electrical and I beleive that this is a problem that Verizon could solve with noise cancellation software, but my middle aged cynical side says the "static"  is being used to force homeowners into paying for "trouble shooting".


Has anyone else noticed this problem?  Have you found a solution? Are there other FIOS customers from in NYS that would be interested in filing a joint complaint?

Thanks to any and all that try to help,

Joe in NY

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Definitely sounds like a wiring problem within the home. As Anthony stated, plug two phones directly into the ONT and see if the noise is still there. If it's not, sounds like it's time to start checking each jack for proper wiring, valid connections (one wire in a pair out of two being disconnected can make some noise), corrosion, and worn away cable jackets.

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The way that you can see if it's internal wiring or not is to plug both phones into the Fiber Optic Box they installed (ONT) for line 1 and line 2. Plugging into these phone jacks bypass the homes internal wiring and only uses the FIOS line and equipment. If you plug both phones into the ONT and there is no static, then you know this is an internal wiring issue. Please let us know if further assistance is needed.