Static on landline

Verizon told my father in April, 2018, that they no longer supported twisted copper landlines. . We woudl have to go to Fios to get rid of the static on the line.
Fios was installed in his house in April, 2018. The tech did a careless job. Verizon sent another tech the next day. (Wires are still a visible mess around door frames and walls.)

Fios worked for a few months. The static is back, so bad the phones are not usable. 
Verizon did everything they could to avoid sending a technician again.

Today I visited the house. I connected a phone to the ONT. Worked fine. As we suspected, the Fios cables are connected to the 1958 twisted copper wires inside the house. So the only phone that works is the one directly connected to the ONT.

I cancelled the upcoming appointment. This has been a time-consuming and frustrating project, Verizon.

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