Still waiting for today's scheduled repair.

Am I stupid, or what?  I called Verizon to schedule a repair.......Static on the line, then NO dial tone, then the dial tone returned but the STATIC continued, then NO dial tone.  Yes, my internet works....I was offered service times when I was working - so I said "NO", then a Saturday AM between 8 AM and 12 noon .......By 12:30 PM, I called Verizon to learn that they could show up as late as 7 PM, so I rescheduled for the following Saturday.  I have been waiting in my apartment, checking to make sure that my buzzer works, checking my computer for alerts (maybe they didn't think of e-mailing?), and checking the web site for a service update...The ticket is still open.  I have been waiting since 8 AM today, and it will be 11 PM in 5 minutes......What is wrong with this picture.

Re: Still waiting for today's scheduled repair.
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Pittsfiielder -- I've sent you a private message to get more information about your service issues.  Please respond back when you're able.  Thanks!