Stutter Tone - But Don't Have Voicemail
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I have Freedom Essentials, but do not have nor have I setup voicemail on that line.

I have a separate home voicemail device.

It is over fiber as I have been migrated from copper.

I get a stutter tone when I pickup the line

as if there would be a waiting voicemail, but do not have

voicemail on this line, have never set it up and don't want/need it?

I am waiting for my PIN so I can fully access the account and maybe see

if it is somehow a voicemail in there, but haven't received it yet.

What else might this indicate?

Re: Stutter Tone - But Don't Have Voicemail
Community Leader
Community Leader

Did you specifically ask them not to add Voicemail?  If not the stutter tone may be the inidcator that your voicemail is not setup.