Sudden Surge of Unsolicited Calls

First and foremost, I've been on the Do Not Call Registry since I got my phone number.  Yes, I already verified that the number is still there.

Which brings me to my actual issue:

Over the past few weeks / months we've had a sudden surge of unsolicited sales calls.  I just logged into my Verizon account to add the originating numbers to Calling Features \ Incoming Call Block however it maxes out at 10 numbers!  I called and spoke with a Verizon rep who said there is no way around this 10 number limitation.  He also advised that toll free numbers (800, 877, 888, etc) cannot be blocked.

Does anyone know a work-around for this 10 number limitation, inability to block toll-free numbers or better yet an explanation as to why there has been this surge of calls?

Thanks for your time & help!

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Remember to opt out of Verizon Marketing @

as well as place yourself on the website.

In addition you should look at using the following privacy services that verizon provides.  

Using Calling Features

Privacy and Security

Anonymous Call Block

Call Block

Call Intercept

Call Trace

Do Not Disturb

Selective Call Blocking

SHORT of that though, if you want to block "literally" everything, you should invest in a caller ID manager.  privacycorp has one such device.  I am sure there are others.