Sudden increase in Verizon FIOS internet & digital voice problems. No resolutions.

We have had Verizon FIOS internet since Jan. 2008.  It has been reasonably reliable.  No disconnects... until mid-Dec 2012 when they started with a vengeance.  E-mail connections dropped (we had to re-start Outlook).  Usually, we couldn't "see" them in internet connections, but ping tests proved that they were occurring between aboaut 4 p.m. and midnight, rarely, if ever, during other hours of the day.

We have had Verizon FIOS digital telephone (conversion from analog) for about one year.  It has reasonably reliable until mid-Dec when multiple problems occurred:  no stutter tone for voice mail, no notification on telephone "screen" for voice mail, no callers' names on "screen" (only "Out of Area"), and so on.  Each time, Verizon re-sets "the line" and it's okay for 24 to 36 hours, maybe 48 hours, if we're lucky.

We've called repair over 20 times, which is above and beyond what sane people would do.  Now, we've had EEE-NUFF.

Has anyone had the same experiences?  If yes, how did you resolve them?

We're ready to chuck Verizon, but we haven't heard anything good about the few competitors around here.  That is, we don't want to go from the frying pan into the fire, BUT we want the above-noted problems fixed. 

Thank you.

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