Suddenly Getting Telemarketer Calls After Fios Install
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I had Fios installed less than a week ago, and brought over my old number.  I immediately started receiving numerous (more than eight per day) telemarketing calls every day from (213) 725 5289.  The caller is leaving a recorded message OF a recorded message.  Sometimes before the recording starts, I hear the end of my phone number in a computer voice, so I believe it is an autodialer.

It appears to be related to the Verizon install.  Somehow this telemarketer is getting new install numbers.  I looked up this number online, and it looks like several people reported getting many phone calls from this telemarketer immediately after a Verizon phone install.  The calls are originating in California, and my number is on the East Coast.

Prior to the install, I never had many telemarketing calls.  Also I have been on the government "Do Not Call" list for some time, and my current status with DoNotCall is active.  I have reported this number on the site, however I am still being innundated with calls and voicemails from this number with the same message every day. 

The message is:

Hi this is Jenna with direct buy calling to reserve your spot for our local open house showing. If you could give us a call 888 445 7436 to get your free 30 day member pass and enter for the 50,000 home makeover.

I understand that I can block this number, but this shouldn't be happening in the first place.

Re: Suddenly Getting Telemarketer Calls After Fios Install
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You should probably start by filing a complaint both on the DoNotCall website, as well as the FCC website.  A company with whom you have never done business should not be calling you if you are registered, particularly with an auto-dialer.

You may also try calling that toll-free number, and ask to be removed.

If the above doesn't work to your satisfaction, there is always *57 for call trace (small charge per use), and various potential legal channels in some cases.  Please do research as to your options -- the Do Not Call website is a great starting point.