Suggested VM Indicator light
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Just got the FIOS Plan and have set up my verizon voice mail; works fine.

I have a panasonic wireless phone set up in my house. it has an indicator light but I disabled it so now my voice mail goes to verizon.

My question: what should i buy to give me a visual indication that i have messages? having to check for the stutter tone all the time is a pain. i was told an FSK device would work.

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Re: Suggested VM Indicator light
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If the indicator light for your current phone is only for its own answering machine, then you would need to get a phone or standalone device with a FSK-compliant message waiting indicator. FSK is just the physical standard used to send additional data down your phone line along with the party on the other line. ( )

Visual message waiting indicator is also a feature that needs to be enabled in the switch. Most of the time this is enabled by default, but it is possible that either the feature was never added to your account or it is disabled. If you'd like me to check the switch for this on your number, please PM me.