Suggestion: Fios Fax & Internet Integration

As a Fios customer that subscribes to both the home phone and internet services, I would like to have a web-based app that allows me to upload files and fax them so that I don't have to actually attach my printer to my phone jack to send a fax.

The app form should be simple: A field for a fax number and a drag/drop field for documents. Pressing a "Send Fax" button results in a dynamic, in-line display of on-going fax status, e.g.

  • Calling NNN-NNN-NNNN...
  • Connecting...
  • Sending Page 1....
  • Sending Page 2...
  • Fax sent. 

Lastly there should be an option to download the fax report page.

Re: Suggestion: Fios Fax & Internet Integration
Community Leader
Community Leader

I'm not familiar with fax apps. I have a Canon imageCLASS unit here at home and it works well with Fios service. 🙂