Switch Your Service Location And Lose It All

I was scheduled for my Phone and DSL to switch on Aug 5 from my old place to my new place about 200 feet down the road.  The service got switched off early on Aug 5, but has not been switched on at my new place...a co-op building where the wiring has not been touched, either in the apartment, or in the maintance room.

Yet the man I reached on Saturday said the line tested fine and that was that.  I insisted he open a full ticket for a complete up and down examination at their end...and not just assume it was on my end.

And then they go on strike on Sunday, Aug 7.

Online the ticket says it will be resolved by Aug 16.  Anyone care to hold their breath over that one?

The one thing you can bank on is that Verizon will send me a bill for the full amount during the service outage.

Re: Switch Your Service Location And Lose It All
Master - Level 3

Sorry to hear about the problem moving your service to your new building. If this still has not been corrected, please send me a private message so we can look into the order and provisioning.