Switching Phone Providers Back.

Hi, My Dad is 86 and Verizon was provideing the phone in his home. However, he somehow got switched over to a service called Full Service Network, that is now apparenlty providing his service on the Verizon lines.  I'm sure that it was something that he signed up for over the phone or something but he doesn't remember how it happened.   His bills are not consistent and vary in amounts.  I want to switch him back to Verizon, as he was before.  I have not looked into this very closely yet but just had a couple of questions that I  can think of right away, if anyone can answer.  1. Will there be a penalty from the FSN people for him switching back over to Verizon?  2.  Will he be able to keep the same phone number that he has now?  (He is quite worried about this.)  

I plan on looking into it further on the FSN site and actually looking at his bills but haven't yet.  Just wanted to see if I could get some replies on this for now.


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Your dad should be able to Port his number back over to Verizon. Once you have done that call Verizon and put a freeze on the line so that it can not be changed without authorization.

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Welcome to the forums.  You're talking to other customers here.  Verizon should be able to reclaim you Dad's line and number, but you'll have to call them to find out for sure.

To get information about "FSNs" policies, you'll need to contact them and/or read any material you have from them.

Good Luck.