I just wanted to lodge a complaint about Verizon Fios Phone Reps.  I lost my dial tone on my phone and it comes back sporadically.  In any case, that is not acceptable.

So I call Verizon and chat with the representative.  I am not in the best of moods at this point because I have to go through this rigamarole of answering all these questions which were all answered before -- and told AGAIN that the problem is in my home -- which it is NOT -- but that is what they are seing on their screen -- as if what is reported to them by their computers are always correct.


So, schedule the appt.  They cannot NARROW their appt window down except to say it will be ALL DAY SATURDAY.  THEN adding insult to injury - they say that if the problem is in the home -- that I will have to pay for it.  Ok -- whatever.  I tell them that if the problem is not in the home and I have to wait all day for Verizon to show up -- does this mean that Verizon pays me my day rate?  

I understand that they have to say this but this particular rep repeated it four times over the conversation -- whatever.  Just set up the appt.  WHY CAN'T THE NEW YORK OFFICE CLOSE THE SERVICE WINDOW TIME FRAME To either in the morning or in the afternoon?  Why all day?  If other companies can close the time frame -- why can't verizon?

Over and over he repeated that I would have to pay -- just because a screen tells him the problem is in the home. IT IS NOT.  There was a heavy rain here on Wed and usually what happens is that the lines get wet and the phones get all static-y and I guess this time -- the lines just went down.  The dial tone comes in and out.  

Also, I checked all my phones by connecting and disconnetcing as verizon's ROBOT told me.  And it was confirmed that the problems were not my phones.

In any case -- Verizon --- your customer service SUCKS and I will make sure to tell everyone that I can.