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Last week we had a power outage and were without electricity for 3 hours. Ever since then we have had no caller IDS on our TVs. We have done all the suggested things such as disabling caller ID and then enabling it. This is all we had to do in the past to get it to start again. This time I did all the rebooting of the STBs etc. but it is still not working. I have even given the suggestion of disabling the TV caller ID and then enabling it to someone else on this forum several months ago. Now I am having no luck in getting caller ID on our TVS. We get caller ID on our phones. I did google this problem and found other cable providers have had this same problem with caller ID on the TV. I'm just wondering if it is a software problem. Some people say sometimes it just comes back all of a sudden without doing anything. Any suggestions as we like this feature as it is easy to tell when to ignore certain nuisance calls. 


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I would suggest calling customer support at 1-800-VERIZON, it is possible that the connection to the STBs need to be re-established, they have access to check if the Caller IDs are currently activated on the STBs, if it shows in their end to not be connected the majority of the time they can fix it with just a few clicks. The process is similar to setting it up for the first time, and doesn't take long is kind of like renewing your IP address on a computer.  I'm not sure how much you know about TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and UDP (User Datagram Protocol) *** I didn't either ***  but in simpler terms; computers communicate over a network using TCP and the advantage of this is that it offers error correction and there is a "guaranteed delivery" of information. Now your TV Caller ID uses UDP because this is commonly used for audio and video streaming, what UDP offers is nothing but "speed" and there is no form or control, so if your STB is  receiving incomplete or no information i.e. Caller ID, your STB cannot communicate back with the source and say "Hey I'm not getting any of this stuff you are sending me or is incomplete so fix it". You seem to have done pretty much every troubleshooting step that can be done from your end and this could be another option to get this resolved.